PINNACLE LEADERSHIP – The Key to Employee Engagement

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“Employee motivation is the key to employee engagement, and it’s a topic that we all focus on .”

It was an unforgettable moment to celebrate when our commendable employees Akhil,Shankar, and Debashis completed their seven years of distinct passion in building Pinnacle.They have been very important constituents in transitioning Pinnacle to its current level since its inception

We prioritize the inspiration and innovation of every employee.  We aim to explore the inherent  capabilities of the workforce, understand their proficiency, hear, and build further on those for their growth. At Pinnacle, we encourage our employees to experiment with their limits towards their roles and responsibilities.

Our experienced leadership who carry umpteen experience resonates with the humanistic leadership style here at Pinnacle..Non-hierarchial culture, work around management, bias for action and modern approach, are corner stones in building performing and rewarding culture.

Make your employees an integral part of the company, stimulate and motivate them. Now just wait and watch the wonders that will happen  – AKHIL TANDON, HEAD – PRODUCT MANAGEMENT AND PRE-SALES

Employee engagement – A key to a successful workplace

We believe in providing an inclusive and purposeful experience for all our employees as the higher levels of employee engagement lead to better retention rates and lower turnover rates overall. Offering our employees opportunities for internal career development, flexible working plans, a balanced professional and personal life, and an encouraging work environment – worked wonders for creating a connection with each of our employees.

“I got a sense of purpose here. Feeling valued, got ample opportunities to develop and grow. This helped me stay happy and focused in my personal life too. All in all, I will say a 360-degree growth.” – PINNACLITE

Pinnacle is a place where our employees can reach out to anyone without any fear and hesitation. We make sure that the managers act as mentors and guide them in every up and down in their careers. This is possible through our open-door work philosophy.

To boost morale and spread best practices our top management regularly recognizes its frontline employees and highlights stories of their service achievements. We have monthly and quarterly awards to recognize – Best performance, best employee, best analytics mind, best innovative mind, etc. They are awarded certificates and monetary benefits too.

Prioritizing training and arranging different courses, we help create multiple development opportunities for our workforce. Thus facilitating employees to learn, grow, and perform at their best.

“Employees are the entrepreneurs of their own work station. The company just facilitates them to create that change.” – DEBASHIS KHANRAH, HEAD – ENGINEERING

Pinnacle’s employee experience initiatives include a wide range of development and upskilling initiatives that determine the company’s overall human development index. In times of trouble and with the support of our top leadership we accentuate the power of multiple employee initiatives that empowers them to take autonomous decisions and responsibility.

The trend to invest in employee experiences started from day one at Pinnacle and has triggered some out-of-the-box employee experience initiatives. Such strategies have allowed us to learn about what our employees value and how they feel about the work environment here. Thus helping us in fostering a great workplace culture. The key here is setting up these programs in advance so that they’re already available whenever someone needs them most!

About Pinnacle Digital

Pinnacle Digital, is a visionary in data analytics that is engaged in building next-generation Analytics products for the past seven years. It’s powerful Analytics engine  caters to Telecom, Government, Insuarance and any large institutions.   .

Partnered with CSC e-Services Ltd – a company under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), Pinnacle has delivered advanced analytics solutions that can process millions of data records and produce actionable insights for all kinds of citizens’ services.

The company has also indigenized analytics solutions for the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementations (MosPI), through its partnership with CSC.

Pinnacle constantly engages with diverse industries regarding their needs and transforming their digital revolution. Thus, playing a vital role as a reliable analytics partner, and more importantly, a ‘Make in India’ company with complete ownership of IPR, as envisioned by the Honourable Prime Minister of our country.

With its imaginative and decisive leaders, Pinnacle guarantees a higher level of trust, respect, credibility, and fairness to all sizes, sectors, and levels of industries while principled on functionality, efficiency and customer centricity.

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