SPECTA™ CARE is our product for the custome care. Its offers an integrated view about every customer to the customer care executive. It empowers the executive to stay a step ahead by providing him/her insights about the customers’ pain-points leading to statisfactory resolution of customer complaints.

360 Degree
Customer Insights
Integrated single
sign-on login
with CRM
Real Time
of Customer
KPIs visibilty
per Customer
Get first
time Right
to Reduce
Liability Avoidance

Product Highlights

Provide the visibility to Customer Care agents to connect the dots and map out customer journeys using valuable insights and data instead of assumptions to resolve the customer complaint.

Product Features

One stop shop with an integrated view of the customer’s journey with real time and long terms views on his usage, applications, throughput, colored coded KPIs with drill down facilty to get to the root cause. SPECTA™ CARE can be intergrated with the existing CRM for single sign-on.

Real Time

Minute wise real time throughput . Measure throughput while on the call with the customer.

Hourly and Long
term Usage Trends

Measure current and historical usage pattern and identify usage deviation trends for every subscriber . Deal differently in case of any churn indictors.

Liability Avoidance

Insights on all the session wise browsing content consumed by the customer to deter Billing Doubts.

Rich Visualization

Offers visually appealing, responsive and customisable data sets that enriches user experience and empower them to take out meaningful data from the UI.

Integrated single sign-
on login with CRM

Single sign login with the CRM. No need to manage different logins and passwords. Integrates into the CRM.

Hourly Customer
Experience Index

Easy to understand emoji based Hourly Customer Experience Index to communicate the experience of the customer.

Performance KPIs Visibilty
per Subscriber

KPIs per subscriber to quickly identify and understand the problem of the subscriber.

RAT-wise Bifurcation

Visibility on the usage/ duration spent on 2G,3G or 4G and compare it with the application usage to quickly identify streaming issues.

Track Customer
Complaint History

Customer care executive will have visibility on the historical complaint history of the customers. The executive will be able to view previous dates and the number of times a customer has called for the same issue or different issues over time.

Microscopic view
of customer's activity
to L1/support teams
Higher First
Time resolution
Reduction in
Calls to
Help Desk
Reduction in
Truck Rolls
in Churn
with CRM

Product Benefits

This product enhances efficiency of the customer care executive by providing real time access to multi dimensional customer insights for improving quality of interaction and satisfying closure of customer complaint.