Pinnacle Services

Pinnacle has unparalleled reservoir of experience accumulated over 100 + man years. Our vision of building long term partnership with our client for their success gets strengthened through our multiple service offerings. Our offerings are - Analytics As Service , Data Science as Service and Consulting.

The Key Offerings of Pinnacle


as Service

Data Science

as Service


on Cloud

Analytics as Service

Need for Analytics is increasingly becoming critical for Business. Building in-house expertise and retention of the specialized talent is even more challenging. Pinnacle brings right talent and expertise to support customers through this service.

Mix of Right
Talent Pool
Quick Roll-Out
Capability Building
of Customers
Value Based
Strong Domain
Expertise crucial
for Success
End to End service
Data Collection,
Data Engineering,
Modelling and
Expert Data
Scientists with
Engagement for
Adapting to
New Needs

Data Science as Service

It has been predicted that Telecom operators will be major beneficiaries of Data Science. Application of Artificial Intelligence and ML driven approach will lead next generation initiatives as part of their digital transformation journey. Pinnacle offers this as service to enable telecom operators to leverage the power of AI and ML quickly.

Analytics on cloud

Pinnacle offers cloud based analytics services majorly to medium and small ISPs to fulfil their business driven requirement of Analytics. This model provides them to power to use the insights derived out the SPECTA platform with out the need of high initial investment.

Low Initial
Usage, revenue
and retention
based model
operating costs