SPECTA FOR FIXED BROADBAND is our access independent customer and network analytics platform for the Internet Service Providers. It brings in unparalled advantages to key business functions like marketing, customer service and network through actionable insights.

Real Time
Modular and

Product Highlights

Our core team has lived through the challenges of Communication Service Providers for more than three decades. All that learnings have gone into creating the product SPECTA FOR FIXED BROADBAND. The robust, feature rich product would help you in achieving the key business goals and keep the business one step ahead of competition.

Product Features

SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND is a new age, high performance, analytics product that offers multi dimensional insights for targeted and quick action. It ingests and enriches mutliple data sources for delivering ready-to-use and cutomizable Use Cases.

Real Time

Streaming analytics engine offers real time display of performance KPIs for immediate visibility and rapid action.

Cross Tabbed

The SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND product has unique capability of harnessing multiple use cases to produce singular actionable output/ insight.

Usage & Retention

The product empowers business teams with detailed analytics on overall usage trends, variations, usage across different applications, segments and robust churn predictive and prescriptive model.

Ready To
Go Use Cases

SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND comes with 50+ ready-to-go Use Cases for all business functions of CSP that helps in quick deployment and faster ROI.

Analytics Driven
Preemptive Network

SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND is made to demarcate the problem quickly, identify splitter and customer level fibre outage, proactive identification of customer with poor power levels, reduce operational costs and increase customer experience by powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Customer Profiling

SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND product captures 360 degree view of the customer on various parameters like experience, usage, speed, browsing habits, content preferences and many more for key business decisions.


SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND offers visually appealing, responsive and customisable data sets that enriches user experience and empower them to take out meaningful dtata from the UI without running backend queries.

Driven Insights

Built by an experienced team of Domain Experts and Data Scientists to deliver Predictive and Prescriptive insights for Network, Customer Experience and Marketing teams.

Customer Care

SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND offers immediate insights of customers to customer care executive. The product is designed to help Internet Service Providers make precise actions to increase First call resolution, reduce repeat complaints and field visits.

Product Benefits

Our product SPECTA™ FOR FIXED BROADBAND OFFERS multi-fold benefits to various functions Of Internet Service Providers. It enables Marketing, Customer Care and Network team with granular insights.

  • Data driven approach enhancing up- selling and cross-selling opportunities for generating additional revenue.
  • Usage and Content based customer segmentation enables highly targeted campaigns.
  • Leverage Digital Service model like Data as a service (D-A-A-S) for engagement and additional revenue channel.
  • Churn prediction and prevention.
  • Multidimensional insights across experience, device, usage, speed, content preferences, location and many more for quick actions.
  • Customer Experience index for each customer.
  • Real view on network experience enabling effective resolution of customer complaint.
  • Customer complaint prediction.
  • Predictive view of degraded service for proactive response.
  • Co-related view of customer experience with usage, speed, content preferences, device, location and many more.
  • Predictive Node Capacity Planning
  • Analytics driven pre-emptive operations
  • Predictive Fault Incidents
  • Signaling based insights
  • Poor throughput investigation through analysis on latency, poor power levels, retransmissions and many more parameters
  • Real-time visibility of network performance enabling quick identification and resolution of the problem