Usage driven analytics

Usage insights for enhancing up- selling and cross-selling opportunities for generating additional revenue, identify deviations in subscriber usage patterns, minimize usage vs penetration gaps, launch new plans

Device insights

Real time visibility on device base, Segment subscribers and devices (high ARPU devices, high data consumption devices) Target subscribers with device based promotions, Device fault insights (Identify device issues –high signaling traffic) leading to experience deterioration at customer level

Retention analytics

It can be five times more expensive to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one. Successful customer retention involves giving more than what the customer expects. Use the SPECTA Platform to leverage the 360-degree customer insights to develop better policies/strategies for customer retention

Micro-segmentation of customers

Machine learning based algorithms incorporated for micro segmentation of subscribers based on their browsing preference like Streamer, Gamer, browser, Chatter etc.  Target each customer segment with a bespoke approach rather than a one size fits all technique.

Application analytics

Through Inhouse developed Deep Packet Classification, customize offering to customers based on applications used, extent of usage- frequency and consumption etc. Monetize customer insights to generate alternate revenue streams by extracting revenue from 3rd party, data based adv etc.

Acquisition analytics

Track a subscriber’s journey after his acquisition over multiple services to know if he is happy or not . Know best and worst preforming geographies for targeted action

Customer profiling

Create a portrait of your customers to help you make better design decisions concerning your service and develop an effective strategy leading to optimizing your marketing budget and improving return on investment.

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