Real time insights for network performance

Real time insights of network performance parameters impacting customer enables CSPs for quick action and deliver superior experience

Quick demarcation of issues

Quick demarcation of issues in network performance, co-relate with other activities like Change Request etc for faster resolution and Real time alerts for degradation of KPIs

Predictive capacity planning

Identify Cell Nodes or Areas that are going to hit capacity limit in the next 1, 3, 6 months .Takes current usage trends, device growth, sales forecasts into consideration

Network constraint analytics

Machine learning based algorithms incorporated for micro segmentation of subscribers based on their browsing preference like Streamer, Gamer, browser, Chatter etc.  Target each customer segment with a bespoke approach rather than a one size fits all technique.

Smart network planning

Smart Network planning through analytics driven targeted approach led by Device distribution Insights, Experience insights, App based segmentation, Video traffic growth , Traffic distribution along with conventional planning inputs for priority based planning and faster ROI

Predictive network fault incidents

Ensure continuity and reliability of service through early detection of faults and predict % failure probability of the equipment across different network elements

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